CIMS faculty member and NC State professor Dr. Lynda Aiman-Smith has developed an easy-to-use test to help you gauge your Value IQ. Its 33 questions examine the cultural factors proven to be indicators of an innovative organization.

Value Innovation Quotient

Along with the IM Maturity Assessment, it can be used to construct a curriculum of innovation management courses to be used as part of your company’s overall change plan.

CIMS believes that innovation is not the sole province of the R&D Department. So the Value IQ Assessment examines all departments in your organization’s value chain–sales, operations, finance, etc.–for their contribution to the quality of your products and services. (Read more about the Value IQ Assessment in the March-April 2005 issue of the IRI’s Research Technology Management Journal.

Assessing Your Organization’s Potential for Value Innovation

When you take the Value IQ Assessment, you will discover useful information about how the mindsets, values and behaviors of your employees contribute to the organization’s ability to innovate.

The Value IQ Assessment will:

  • Examine 9 cultural factors that are proven indicators of an innovative organization
  • Help you baseline your capacity to innovate
  • Enable you to prioritize which IM deficiencies should be addressed first

The Value IQ Assessment is available to both CIMS members and non-members as a fee-based service. Contact CIMS for more information.

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