“TEC” is short for “Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization,” and the TEC Algorithm is a series of highly structured commercialization tools. It is designed specifically to help firms cross the so-called “Valley of Death” that occurs at the front end of innovation when promising technologies fail to generate any commercial rewards.

The TEC Algorithm delivers unique capabilities to businesses in their attempts to drive innovation and commercialize new technologies. It avoids the commonplace practice of crushing promising ideas in the maw of linear gate-driven evaluation processes and is explicitly iterative and developmental. By focusing on what is knowledgeable and discriminating at early stages of the commercialization process it creates structured processes that improve:

  • decision-making
  • control
  • predictability
  • and creativity

It provides a tool set that managers – even those with very limited commercialization experience can use to make effective investment and product development decisions and to rationalize their organizations’ innovation processes.

The TEC Renaissance is a shift in focus to embrace the need to systematically manage the front end of innovation for development of new technology-enabled services and provide systematic processes and tools both to teach effective approaches and also to structure corporate service development processes. It builds from cutting edge research and best practices in sustainability.

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