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  • Traversing The Valley of Death
  • Center for Innovation Management Studies at NC State University


    What worked, how did it work, and why? These are the questions that managers often ask us when we talk about successes we’ve had with other innovation-minded companies.
    To help you connect the dots between the problems experienced by our member companies and the solutions we helped implement, we’ve compiled a collection of case studies. Be sure to check this page often; more case studies will be added soon.

    Below is a collection of the innovative work of our thought leaders. Their invaluable analysis and discernment of the evolving condition of the business climate is an excellent resource for reference to your company’s current situation.


    The challenge: In these days of limited R&D capital, only sure bets from teams with the best track record tend to get funding from top management, leaving otherwise promising ideas—especially those from junior employees or employees from other areas of … Read More