Research & Development (R&D) are an influential part of any business. It requires strong leaders, collaborative work teams, and support from senior management. With the impact a well design R&D team can have, how do you ensure your putting the right people in the right place?

Hiring tool for choosing the best candidate for the position. The R&D Managerial Activity Inventory is a tool that takes the guesswork out of hiring and promotion, specifically for the R&D department. By providing a comprehensive diagnostic of the activities and behaviors needed by candidates for successfully more responsible positions in R&D management, from first-line supervisor through VP, HR and senior managers are more equipped to make better hiring and promotion decisions that strategically align the R&D department with business goals.

Developed by researchers at George Mason University, the tool enables users to:

  • Discover the qualities, skills and training shared by the most successful R&D managers
  • Compare candidate resumes with a research-proven inventory of R&D skills and traits
  • Proactively develop hiring criteria for R&D management candidates rather than react to submitted resumes
  • Create the best possible career development path for front-line R&D staff

Make the right placement and resource allocation decisions early on to set the stage for business growth. Contact CIMS for more information.

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