In today’s business environment it is more important than ever to make smart business decisions. New products and innovative approaches can set a company on the cutting edge and build a competitive advantage if properly evaluated and executed. Part of this decision process is having greater greater control and insight in to your business. This means:

  • evaluating your current product and service portfolio regularly
  • knowing the status of business functions, departments projects and initiatives
  • understanding the allocation of resources and assessing effectiveness
  • having a deeper market awareness of new opportunities and competitive threats

A CIMS tool, the New Product Development Support Tool, is a portfolio-level, strategic management tool that enables users to make proper “go / no go” decisions at every stage-gate in a project’s lifecycle. It relies on having a project level management system that tracks the resources consumed by each project in the portfolio. It also expects a cross-functional management team (sales, operations, finance, and so on) to preside over the organization’s NPD process. When both are present, the tool facilitates their decision-making by providing both qualitative and quantitative inputs. Take control of your business, learn more about NPD Decision Support. Contact CIMS for more information.

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