Strategic business decisions are the result of the ability to collect and analyze relevant information to recognize emerging technologies, trends, and market shifts. CIMS believes companies that harness the meaning and power of the massive amounts of data being generated every day will understand:

  • the macro trends buffeting their industry
  • the new opportunities these trends permit
  • the capabilities of present and emerging competitors, and
  • the global network of qualified and eager “innovation partners” at their disposal will have competitive advantage over those that do not

The resulting intelligence of such tools will ultimately provide companies with the unparalleled opportunities to become market leaders.

CIMS is leading the Business Intelligence initiative through industry and academic partners such as IBM Software Group and researchers at Georgia Tech University. Through these partnerships, CIMS is conducting research in how to effectively use super computers (or “clouds”) to crawl and analyze both structured and unstructured databases to identify macro-market trends. Contact CIMS for more information.

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