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To Be More Open, Companies Need to Let Go

By Michelle L. Grainger How can be “letting go” lead to more open innovation? The way author and business professor Terri Griffith sees it, managers who want to be strategic about open innovation need to let go of practices that … Read More

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When Complacency and Arrogance Rule

By Anil K. Gupta “None of these are pathological companies,” Anil K. Gupta told The Wall Street Journal in December 2014 after IBM, Walmart and other big companies posted disappointing financial results. Prof. Gupta is the Michael Dingman Chair in … Read More

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How Charismatic Champions Boost NPD Performance

By Mike Wolff Champions have three distinguishing characteristics, NC State management professor Stephen Markham reported in CIMS Technology Management Report No. 2, 1999: Champions adopt projects as their own, they support those projects beyond what would be expected from others in … Read More

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