In addition to initiating research on innovation management, we also assist companies that are grappling with a complex problem or hoping to pursue a unique opportunity. Our custom research program matches a company’s request with researchers and scholars from the CIMS network whose experience and expertise are best suited to carry out the work. We bring a tremendous amount of industry and academic experience, insight, and knowledge to every research project. Past custom projects have covered such topics as:

  • Organizational culture

  • Virtual teaming

  • Social, personal and organizational networks

  • Innovation management

  • Big data analytics

  • Business model transformation

Our experience and resources enable us to not only collect data but also design programs that leverage data for innovation improvements.Custom research contracts are available to both CIMS members and non-members. Many CIMS members conduct annual research centered around general topics of interest that are often applied to other research projects. In keeping with the collaborative spirit of CIMS, members who agree to share the results of their custom research realize a substantial discount on the project fee.

Contact CIMS for more information about our custom research services.