The Power of CIMS Research

CIMS researchers have been breaking new ground since 1984. Our research projects include those initiated by CIMS researchers as well as those undertaken on behalf of a corporate sponsor or client to address a challenge unique to that business. The results of many of these studies are available to the public. Below is a list of research projects by CIMS since 2000. To view all CIMS research, select “view all”; you can also search by researcher name, core competency or management dimension and further narrow your research result by date range. To view all research based on a specific criteria, leave date ranges blank.

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A 3-Year Innovation Journey at Kelly Services
Idea Management, Market Management, Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Metrics, Organization & Culture, Processes, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesCenter for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS), Kelly Services
The Financial Benefits of Innovation Management: Scrutinizing the Innovation Management Maturity Assessment
Idea Management, Market Management, Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Metrics, Organization & Culture, Processes, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesJonathan D. Bohlmann, Michael A. Stanko
NATURE OR NURTURE: Can Psychometric Tools Help To Foster Creativity in Organizations?
Idea Management, Metrics, Tools & TechniquesGeorge Farris, Guozhen Zhao, Luiba Y. Belkin, Neill Tolboom
The Impact of Portfolio Management and Innovation Strategy on Financial Performance
Portfolio Management, MetricsMitzi Montoya, Wooseong Kang
Technological Network Changes And Knowledge Creation
Idea Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, StrategyM. Ann McFadyen, Matt Semadeni
The Management of Top Technical Talent (TTT)
ProcessesGeorge Farris, Stephen G. Green
2004Management Strategies That Facilitates the Innovation of Complex StrategiesOrganization & Culture, Processes, StrategyDon E. Kash
2004Partnering for Product Innovation: Managing Risk and Independence by Establishing TrustProject Management, Metrics, ProcessesCristina Gibson
What Do We Know About Developing and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
Organization & CultureLynda Aiman-Smith
The Impact of Interpersonal Exchange Networks on the Knowledge Creation Process
Idea Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesM. Ann McFadyen
2002Champion Influence, Stage Gates, and Critical Factors in the Fuzzy Front EndIdea Management, Processes, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesLynda Aiman-Smith, Stephen K. Markham
Final Report Of Study On Implementation Of Collaborative Technology In New Product Development Teams
Project Management, Organization & Culture, Tools & TechniquesBarbara Gray, Gerald Susman
Investigating Virtual Enabling Conditions In Knowledge-Based Enterprises: Factors that Predict Effectiveness in Electronically Mediated Teams
Idea Management, Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesCristina Gibson, Susan Cohen
Managing Scientists and Engineers: A Review of Recent Literature
ProcessesGeorge Farris, Rene Cordero
Network Structure, Antecedents and Performance of Technology-Based Interfirm Cooperative Alliances
Idea Management, Portfolio Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesGeorge Farris, Varghese George
New Product Idea Selection
Idea Management, ProcessesMaummer Ozer
R&D Metrics in Technology-Driven Organizations
MetricsEliezer Geisler
Understanding the Impact of Virtual Communication on Team Dynamics and Performance in ERP and NPD Team
Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Processes, Tools & TechniquesBarbara Gray, Gerald Susman
Why Don't Managers Want Our Technological Intelligence? And, What Can We Do About It?
Idea Management, Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesAlan Porter
Knowledge Characteristics and Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Investigation
Idea Management, Portfolio Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesBala Chakravarthy, Sue McEvily
The Effect of Adopting Shareholder Value Metric Control and reward system on Firm Investment in Research and Development
MetricsJohn Gallagher
1999Adopting Management and Compensation Systems Based on Measures of Economic Value Added and Subsequent Effects on Investment in R&DOrganization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesAlex Miller, John Gallagher
Communication Technology-Enabled Organizational Knowledge Exchange
Idea Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesAnne P. Massey, Mitzi Montoya
Key Factors in Establishing and Sustaining High Intensity Industry-University Technology Relationships
Idea Management, Organization & CultureMichael Santoro
1999Network Relationships in Technological InnovationAnne P. Massey, Mitzi Montoya
1999The Complexity Challenge: Technological Innovation for the 21st Century, London: PinterPortfolio Management, Organization & Culture, StrategyDon E. Kash, Robert W. Rycroft
Adoption of Concurrent Engineering, Organizational Practices and Product Development Performance
Portfolio Management, Project Management, Metrics, Tools & TechniquesDenis M. S. Lee, Theodore Gautschi
Establishing Industry-University Technology Relationships: Exploring the Firms Key Determinants and Strategic Objectives
Portfolio Management, Project Management, Processes, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesAlok K. Chakrabarti, Michael D. Santoro
Managing Innovation in Overseas Labs: The Effects of Corporate, Scientific, and Local Cultures on R&D Performance
Portfolio Management, Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesJoseph L. C. Cheng
Metrics for Innovation: A Report Card Feedback System to Improve Speed to Market and Enhance Innovation Success
Project Management, Metrics, Tools & TechniquesGary S. Lynn, Richard R. Reilly
The Contribution of R&D Spending to Business Unit Profits: The Mediating Role of Technology Context
Portfolio Management, Processes, StrategyBala Chakravarthy, Sue McEvily
The Theory And Practice Of Technology Brokering: How Design And Manufacturing Organizations Innovate By Creating New Combinations of Existing Knowledge
Project Management, Organization & CultureAndrew Hargadon, Robert Sutton
1997Contract and Institution Design: An Analysis of the Free-Rider Problem in R&D ConsortiaPortfolio Management, StrategyJames Dearden
Ethics in Innovation
Organization & CultureRobert A. Page Jr., W. Gibb Dyer
Norms That Support Suppliers' Innovative Activities: An Investigation of Best Practice Supplier Management in United States South Korea and Thailand
Platform Management, ProcessesRajan Kamath, Ratee Apana
1997Team Learning for Technological InnovationPortfolio Management, Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesGary S. Lynn
Changes in the Work Environment for Creativity During Restructuring
Idea Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesRegina Conti, Teresa M. Amabile
Cognitive and Interpersonal abilities and General Activity Allocation as Predictors of R&D Managerial Performance
Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesEdwin Fleishman, Lee Friedman
1996Data Base for Nonfinancial Measures for Effective Innovation ManagementPortfolio Management, Project Management, MetricsCarey C. Curtis
Identifying Barriers and Finding Solutions to Implementing Interorganizational Computer Networks: Tendencies Toward Isomorphic Change
Tools & TechniquesPaul Hart
1996Information-Seeking by Construction Project ManagersIdea Management, Processes, StrategyDavid Veshosky
1996Learning Systems for R&DIdea Management, Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesMarc Mayer, Michael Zack
Product Platform Strategies
Platform Management, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesMarc Mayer
1994A Study of the Effect of Environmental Departments on Process InnovationIdea Management, ProcessesAndrew King, Stephen Schrader
Documenting the Evolution of an Innovation Program
Idea Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesAmanda A Roe, John W. Dickey
1994Effective Cross Cultural CollaborationPortfolio Management, Organization & Culture, Processes, Tools & TechniquesRobert Mason
Managing Diversity in R&D
Project Management, Organization & CultureGeorge Farris, Nancy DiTomaso, Rene Cordero
1993Applying Expert Systems to Shorten the Product Development CycleProject Management, Tools & TechniquesMatthew Liberatore
Concurrent Engineering as an Integrated Approach to fast cycle development: An Empirical investigation
Project Management, Tools & TechniquesDenis M. S. Lee
Determinants Of Cost Consciousness And Innovation Performance Among R&D Professionals
Project Management, Organization & CultureMark Young, Michael Shields
Effectiveness Measures of R&D Consortia (prelim. Findings)
Portfolio Management, Project Management, MetricsCandace Young, Paul Olk
1993Innovation Strategies in Mature IndustriesPortfolio Management, Organization & Culture, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesMariann Jelinek
New Product Development Time : A Cross-National Study
Platform Management, Portfolio Management, Processes, Tools & TechniquesPhillip H. Bimbaum-More
Rapid Development in Software Package Startups
Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesErran Carmel
1993Self-Assessment By Women Scientist and Engineers : Self Definition In A Male-Dominated OccupationOrganization & CultureGeorge Farris, Nancy DiTomaso
The Role of Quality Management and Organizational Infrastructure in Fast Cycle/Time-Driven Innovation
Project Management, Organization & Culture, Tools & TechniquesBarbara Flynn
Accelerating the Development and Introduction of Technology-Based New Industrial Products
Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesAshok K. Gupta, David Wilemon, S.P. Raj
Moving Ideas to Market and Corporate Renewal
James Utterback, Marc Mayer
Results of a Large-scale Survey of Diversity in the Industrial R&D Workforce
Organization & CultureGeorge Farris, Nancy DiTomaso
Technology and competitive advantage: the role of general management
Organization & Culture, StrategyJoseph G. Morone
1992Transformational Leadership and Innovative Performance in an R&D LaboratoryOrganization & CultureBernard M. Bass, David A. Waldman, Leanne E. Atwater
Boundary Management in Innovating Work Teams
Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesDavid F. Caldwell, Deborah G. Ancona
Diversity In The Technical Workforce : Rethinking The Management of Technical Professionals
Organization & CultureGeorge Farris, Nancy DiTomaso
International Patent Data for Technology Analysis and Planning
Idea Management, Portfolio Management, Processes, StrategyMary Ellen Mogee
Cognitive Competencies related to Management Performance Requirements in R&D Organizations
Project Management, ProcessesEdwin Fleishman, Lee Friedman
1990Leadership & InnovationProject Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesGeorge Farris
Managing for the Long Term: Firm Response to Cyclical Change; See 'Research Policy'
Portfolio Management, StrategyMichael L. Tushman, Phillip C. Anderson
1990Productivity & Performance of R&D Project Groups in Large & Small Organizational UnitsProject Management, Metrics, ProcessesRalph Katz, Thomas J. Allen
Strategies For New Product Development And Renewal: Design Based Incrementalism
Project Management, Organization & CultureSusan Sanderson, Vic Uzumeri
1990The Strategic Management of Technological Innovation Through Acquisition and Joint VenturePortfolio Management, Organization & Culture, StrategyW. Graham Astley
Toward a Contingency Theory of Leader Behavior and Creative vs. Incremental Innovative Outcomes in Research and Development Project Groups
Project Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesRobert T. Keller
1990Tracking the transfer of information from I/UCRCs to sponsoring companiesProject Management, Organization & CultureJean Russo, Roy C. Herrenkohl
1989A Multivariate Investigation Into Intra-Firm Entrepreneurship and Project DiscontinuityM. Anne Welsh
A Pilot Study: External Research Communication Policies and Practices in R&D-Intensive Firms
Idea Management, Organization & Culture, ProcessesJ. David Roessner
1989An inquiry into the value of patent data for monitoring and predicting the technological activities of competitorsIdea Management, Tools & TechniquesMary Ellen Mogee
Communication in R&D via Electronic Mail
ProcessesJanat Fulk, Joseph Schmitz
Inter-Organization Computer Networks in the Design and Manufacturing of Semiconductors
Deborah Estrin, Paul Hart
1989Project Termination Decisions in R&D ManagementPortfolio Management, Project Management, Metrics, Processes, StrategyNorman R. Baker
Site Identification and Development for a Longitudinal Investigation of Industrial Innovation
Project ManagementM. Anne Welsh, Stephen G. Green
1989The Relationship Between Technology Regulation and Technology Commercialization: Lessons From the Paging Industry, 1980-1985Portfolio Management, StrategyAlex Miller
1988Computer Networking and Communications in Industrial Research and Development ActivitiesJohn Wiginton
1988Creation of Technological Entrepreneurship Data BaseAlex Miller
1988Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, and Cooperative Ventures Between Large and Small FirmsPortfolio Management, Organization & Culture, Strategy, Tools & TechniquesFrank Hull, Koa Azumi
Manager-Research Communication Processes
Idea Management, Project Management, Organization & CultureDavid Tansik, Gregory Northcraft
1988R&D and the Productivity Benchmark - The Case of the Chemical IndustryPortfolio Management, MetricsAlden S. Bean, Qinghui Zhao
Teamwork and Planning in Innovative Projects
Organization & CultureJohn Kernaghan, Robert Cooke
Technological Change And Organizational Response: Toward A Theory Of Technological Cycles
Project Management, Organization & Culture, Tools & TechniquesMichael L. Tushman, Philip Anderson
Use of Electronic Mail In A Research And Development Organization
Organization & CultureElizibeth Bizot, Nancy Smith, Thomas Hill
1988Usefulness of the PIMS Data Base for Innovation ResearchMarket Management, Portfolio Management, Tools & TechniquesAlex Miller
A Process Analysis of R&D Planning
Market Management, StrategyGeorge Titus, Matthew Liberatore
The Moderator Effects of Market Structure and Market Position on Innovation Efficiency
Portfolio Management, Metrics, StrategyAlex Miller
1986Linking R&D to Corporate Financial Strategy & Stock Market Value of the Firm; 'R&D Management and Corporate Financial Policy', John Wiley & Sons, 1998StrategyJohn B. Guerard