InnovationChart: Female Talent Finds Tech Workplace ‘Promising and Frustrating’

In the July/August InnovationChart, a study was completed showing that women in science and technology fields have been driven out of their work environments. The data is presented in the four graphs below:

In 2008, data gathered by New York City-based Center for Talent Innovation ( showed 52% of women working for science, engineering and technology (SET) companies quit their jobs, “driven out by hostile work environments, isolation, extreme work pressures, and a lack of clarity surrounding career paths.”

Now, the Center’s February 2014 follow-up report says their situation “has evolved in ways both promising and frustrating.”

Athena Factor 2.0: Accelerating Female Talent in Science, Engineering & Technology finds “a sizeable proportion” of women feel stalled and are likely to quit their jobs within a year. “While no longer subjected to overt bias, women continue to face powerful “antigens” in SET corporate environments.”

The survey was conducted online in summer 2013. It sampled 5,685 respondents (3,336 men, 2,349 women) aged 25–60 with at least a bachelor’s degree, in the U.S. (3,385), Brazil (754), China (796), and India (750).

The four graphs here illustrate some of the Center’s findings.



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