NC State's Executive Education Evolved.Business Collaboratories is a unique name for a one-of-a-kind approach to executive education, one that results in the delivery of tailored business solutions that embrace the core principles of innovation management. Business Collaboratories bring together resources from a proven network of Centers of Excellence and business initiatives at N.C. State’s Poole College of Management as well as functional experts and leaders in industry. It’s a model that integrates research, teaching, and corporate engagement, and no other business school in the country is following.

CIMS is a core partner in Business Collaboratories, guiding the collaboratory process with fundamental industry research and best practices for sustainability and innovation management. Imperatives that shape our education programs include:

  • Faculty with extensive business experience across various functional areas
  • Alignment of the strategic goals and business objectives of our corporate clients
  • Services that move beyond skills development and ensure focus on solving particular business demands and meeting market challenges
  • Modules, programs, workshops or projects that are solution based, directly relevant and immediately applicable

Business Collaboratories follow a model that integrates research, teaching, and corporate engagement, much like what we see at leading teaching hospitals and medical schools. This model has proven successful well beyond the classroom and no other business school is doing what we are doing with the Executive Programs offered at NC State’s Poole College of Management.

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