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  • Traversing The Valley of Death
  • Center for Innovation Management Studies at NC State University

    Making the ‘Chain’ Work for Business

    By Mike Wolff, IMR Editor Business Insider boldly proclaimed, “Your digital life will soon be based on the blockchain foundation and you will gradually capitulate to its immense power!” in its September 7, 2017 issue. So will this prediction come … Read More

    Could You Pass the Innovation Professional Test?

    Guest Post by Brett Trusko Maybe you walk the innovation talk, but are you an innovation leader–someone who will lead your company to new heights? Developing such leaders is one aim of the The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), … Read More

    Thoughts On Creating a More ‘Agile’ NPD Process

    Guest Post by Robert G. Cooper Editor’s note: In this excerpt from the September-October issue of the CIMS Innovation Management Report, Robert Cooper, “father” of the Stage-Gate model of new product development and ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow at the Smeal … Read More

    Harnessing the Power of Now to Predict the Future

    Guest Post By William Rand Editor’s note: William Rand, an assistant professor of business management at N.C. State University’s Poole College of Management, first introduced the term “nowcasting” — the idea that by using modern telecommunications, the internet of things, … Read More

    Mini-I-Corps Program Yields Big Results

    Guest Post by Pasquale Ferrari You’ve likely heard of AmeriCorps, and of course the Peace Corps, but did you know that there’s also an Innovation Corps™, or I-Corps? A program of the National Science Foundation and part of the National … Read More

    Six Secrets of Winning Innovators

    Guest post by Rob Hoehn Each year, IdeaScale.com, an open innovation management software platform, invites its customers and subscribers to nominate winning teams for its Innovation Management Awards. The City of Calgary (Canada), Oak Ridge National Labs and the U.S. … Read More

    Cross Your “Ts” For Better Innovation

    By Paul Mugge, Timothy L. Michaelis and Michelle Grainger  Editor’s note: This article is excerpted from the May-June issue of the CIMS Innovation Management Report (IMR). Paul Mugge is Director of CIMS, Michelle Grainger is its Managing Director, and Tim … Read More

    Chief Innovation Officer: There’s a Certificate for That

    Guest Post By Brett Trusko Editor’s Note: This post is excerpted from the May/June issue of the CIMS Innovation Management Report. In it, Brett Trusko–assistant professor at Texas A&M University and president of the International Association of Innovation Professionals—explains why … Read More

    It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Accounting Profession Anymore

    Guest Post By D. Scott Showalter  The accounting discipline has been slower than most to adopt to embrace innovation. But that looks to be changing: More and more accounting firms are employing data analytics to better serve their clients. In … Read More

    IT Skills + Business Acumen= Savvy Data Scientist

    Editor’s note: This is part of an occasional series profiling people who work for or on behalf of CIMS and its mission. This profile focuses on Rakesh Ravi, a recent Master of Science graduate of the N.C. State Department of … Read More