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  • Traversing The Valley of Death
  • Center for Innovation Management Studies at NC State University

    Take These Three Steps to Foster Lean Innovation

    Guest Post By Tucker G. Marion Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt of an article that appears in the January-February 2017 issue of the CIMS Innovation Management Report. In it, Tucker Marion–Associate Professor and Director, Innovation Masters Programs, D’Amore-McKim School … Read More

    Casting a Wide Web Net to Research Product Safety

    Editor’s note: For industries concerned about both innovation and public health, knowing everything about what goes into their products is a no-brainer. This responsibility is especially important for manufacturers of chemical-based products such as coatings, including paint. Sometimes, harmful effects … Read More

    Resolve to Catch Up on Your Innovation Reading

    If one of your new year’s resolutions is to read more, specifically more about innovation, then here’s a gift for you. CIMS Innovation Management Report Editor Mike Wolff recommends several must-read articles to help you get caught up before you … Read More

    Graduating Entrepreneurs: A Fresh Look at Biz Ed

    Guest Post by Dane Stangler  Editor’s note: The following article is excerpted from the November/December 2016 issue of the CIMS Innovation Management Report. The author, Dane Stangler, is vice president of research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation, where he … Read More

    Tech pioneers SAS, Cisco and Toshiba Want to Help Your Business Understand & Embrace Digital Transformation

    By Michelle Grainger Managing Director, Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS)    It’s not every day that executives from brand-name high-tech companies find themselves in the same room sharing stories and advice. But that’s exactly what will happen later this … Read More

    Sign Up to Learn Best Practices of Digital Transformation

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        NOVEMBER 14, … Read More

    More Brains Mean Better Ideas

    Guest Poster By Robert L. Tucker Just over a year ago, innovation consultant, speaker and author Robert Tucker named crowdsourcing one of the five hottest innovation trends, driven by successful brands such as Lego Toys, Frito Lay and Clorox. The … Read More

    Not Your Grandfather’s Research Park

    Guest Post By Bob Geolas and Mason Ailstock, Research Triangle Park Foundation Editor’s note: The following article is excerpted from the September/October issue of the CIMS Innovation Management Report. CIMS maintains an office in the Frontier Center, which represents the … Read More

    Forecasting Future Innovation Pathways with Big Data

    Alan Porter of Georgia Tech has for years believed that a form of Big Data analysis called tech mining–when applied to R&D literature, patent and business intelligence–can pay off in anticipating future pathways for innovation in order to make better … Read More

    Let’s Call Innovation What It Is: A Science

    The following article by Joseph Nadan is excerpted from the July/August issue of the Innovation Management Report, our bi-monthly newsletter. The article builds on a presentation that Nadan—who is a professor at New York University and Chief Innovation Scientist at … Read More