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Exploring the Not-So-Final Frontier

By Michelle Grainger Can a co-working office space featuring free coffee, exercise machines, a vertical garden, access to conference rooms and an invitation to a weekly food-truck rodeo spur innovation? The folks who manage the Research Triangle Park Foundation think … Read More

CIMS Industrial Fellow Surpasses 200th-Patent Milestone

By Michelle Grainger When we first wrote about Santokh Badesha in this blog in February of 2014, he had just been issued his 187th patent. Recently, Santokh—a Fellow and manager of open innovation at Xerox Corp. and a CIMS Industrial … Read More

Broadcasters Look to CIMS for Innovation-Management Guidance

The National Association of Broadcasters recently became the second association in the CIMS member roster, the American Coatings Association being the other. At first glance, the NAB, like the ACA, seems an unlikely match for CIMS—after all, most members in … Read More

Want Great Innovation? Hire a Champion!

To consistently deliver new products to market, companies must embrace the best practices of innovation management. That’s hard enough to do, but it becomes even more difficult if the company’s most influential leaders aren’t riding the idea-to-product bandwagon. The concept … Read More

Five Things You Might Not Know About Santokh Badesha

By Michelle Grainger Santokh Badesha may be one of CIMS’s newest Industrial Fellows—he was appointed in the spring of 2013—but his face is familiar to most CIMS members, other fellows both Industrial and Academic, and many in the innovation management … Read More

Which Dimensions of Innovation Management “Maturity” Lead to Superior ROA?

By Michelle Grainger If a company invests in innovation, will they—the financial returns, that is—come? That’s the question on every CEO’s mind. It was also on the mind of Michael Stanko and Jonathan Bohlmann, professors at the N.C. State University … Read More

CIMS Members, Partner Tops in WSJ Technology Innovation Awards

Here at CIMS, we’ve long maintained that big companies can “do” innovation as well as or better than small companies or startups. They just have to be more aggressive about removing obstacles to innovation, including unnecessary bureaucracy, or layers of … Read More

Creating a Center of Excellence in Sustainability

NC State’s Poole College of Management recognizes the emphasis and importance of sustainability in the corporate world now more than ever.  As an institute of learning and higher education, the College understands it must produce future leaders with the knowledge … Read More

Improving Innovation Capabilities

Improving innovation capabilities in an organization is never a quick fix.  You will not find the solution by simply discussing the need to innovate or testing it on a single function. Innovation requires complete team acceptance and incorporation to everyday … Read More