The Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS) is a global, virtual research center located in NC State University’s Poole College of Management. It is the only industry/university cooperative research program, focused on how to manage innovation and is dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment among scholars, researchers, and business executives.

CIMS works closely with industry leaders and university researchers to identify new ways of increasing top-line growth – whether through new business models, processes, services or product innovations. CIMS has been providing groundbreaking, industry-driven research since 1984.The Center for Innovation Management Studies believes that innovation is the only business discipline that can create long-term competitive advantage and profitable growth. Its mastery is essential for companies desiring to survive in today’s hyper-competitive global markets. The CIMS Innovation Management (IM) framework provides a roadmap, through which the key elements of IM can be learned, practiced, measured, and ultimately improved and managed.


CIMS Delivers:

  • Systematic processes and tools, in which the management of innovation is broken down into 5 core competencies and 5 core dimensions.
  • Capability to assess, benchmark, and strengthen a company’s culture of innovation.
  • Big Data Analytics Platform- Helping industry become decision-ready through data
    • Software platform based on natural language processing of free form text to help firms develop situational awareness, align workforce and accelerate innovation
    • Firms can explore previously limited stakeholder information such as social networks and unstructured data sources, along with internal data sources
    • Five-step engagement model that allows companies to progressively build proficiency and confidence in big data analytics
  • Extensive Innovation Network of 100-plus subject matter experts in the field of Innovation Management.

CIMS Background

CIMS was created in 1984 at Lehigh University to fund academic research on topics chosen by industrial research & development managers. Its goal was to better understand the technological innovation process and how it could be managed more effectively. 32 years later, CIMS has sponsored thousands of hours of research, held scores of workshops and conferences, published hundreds of papers, and improved the balance sheets of dozens of companies.

The National Science Foundation, the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology, & Science, and NC State, currently support CIMS. It also receives support from corporate sponsors, who in turn benefit from access to cutting-edge research results, opportunities to network with other members and experts, training, and onsite visits by CIMS staff.

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