Tech pioneers SAS, Cisco and Toshiba Want to Help Your Business Understand & Embrace Digital Transformation

By Michelle Grainger

Managing Director, Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS)   

It’s not every day that executives from brand-name high-tech companies find themselves in the same room sharing stories and advice. But that’s exactly what will happen later this month, when leaders from SAS, Cisco and Toshiba lend their expertise to a discussion on how businesses large and small should manage digital transformation.

I’m happy that representatives from these three companies—who are known for making tools and systems that help businesses do their jobs better—will headline our Annual Meeting. And if you’re interested in learning more about digital transformation and just what it means for your firm or enterprise, I’d like to invite you to attend the day-long meeting on Wednesday, November 30. It will be held at the headquarters of the Research Triangle Foundation in Research Triangle Park, N.C. You can join us for the day or for just one session.

If you’re like most business people, the idea of creating new digital systems across your enterprise with the aim of taking it to the next level is overwhelming. That’s why this meeting is for you. It’s designed to help you:

Define a value proposition for new digital service offerings

Identify the value network and ecosystem required to deliver the value proposition

Develop the competence base needed for implementation

Learn to manage the complexity associated with change programs

You’ll learn from industry leaders like Shaun Sweeney, IT Manager at Cisco Systems. Shaun Sweeney is responsible for sharing the Cisco IT experience and showcasing how the company uses its own technologies and solutions to realize business outcomes. Sweeney’s team creates a variety of Cisco IT content and events for customers, partners, and the Cisco sales organization.  He’ll talk about how IT organizations need to change to enable their internal business partners to respond to market conditions. He’ll also share how Cisco IT has created a new digital operating model and blueprint to meet changes within the company—and how technology and culture need to be looked at in parallel to make these changes.

Shaun Sweeney of Cisco will discuss digital transformation at the CIMS Annual Meeting Nov. 30, 2016

Shaun Sweeney of Cisco

You’ll also glean valuable insights from a representative of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, a CIMS member company. Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions helps its clients embrace digital transformation to compete and thrive. Kirk Goldman, Executive Director, Strategy & Business Development, will explain how the retail industry faces a critical inflection point. Societal and technological market pressures have placed retailers of all sizes and in all sectors in a bind. Throughout his career, Goldman has worked closely with global retailers to define and execute store, e-commerce, merchandising and supply-chain strategies. He is also the author of several Harvard Business School case studies on strategy, marketing and finance. Goldman will share how the company is helping to drive digital transformation in retail stores.

Kirk Goldman of Toshiba will share best practices of digital transformation at CIMS Annual Meeting Nov. 30, 2016

Kirk Goldman of Toshiba

Homegrown success story and frequent CIMS research collaborator SAS will also generously share its observations. Colleen Jenkins, director of the software company’s U.S. education practice, will deliver a talk asking, “What’s the Impact of People, Process and Culture on Big Digital Data & Analytic Visualization Technology Transformation?” Jenkins, a 28-plus year veteran of the company, directs a team tasked with developing and nurturing a portfolio of strategic collaborations and special projects that start with the learner at the center and expand outward to the relationships, resources and organizations that support preparedness for school, life, college or career.

SAS US Education Practice Director Colleen Jenkins will share best practices of digital transformation Nov. 30 2016 at the CIMS annual meeting

Colleen Jenkins of SAS

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Check out our Events for details and registration information. I hope to see you on Nov. 30!

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