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    Learn to Manage Innovation and Propel Your Company's Growth.
    By harnessing creativity to strategic execution, CIMS is awakening transformative innovation management solutions to accelerate business growth and develop commercially viable products and services. CIMS has been producing ground-breaking, industry-driven research since 1984. Tap into the realm of knowledge where innovation is taught, learned, practiced and measured.
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    In a World Increasingly Filled With AI, How Do We Ensure That Machines Know Righ...
    [caption id="attachment_7761" align="alignnone" width="200"] Patrick Lin, Ph.
    Innovation? There’s a System for That
    Editor’s note: Durham-based Bell and Howell turned to CIMS about four years ago for help shifting its emphasis on mail-processing systems to digital services, becoming one of the first corporations to formally follow the CIMS System for Industrial Innovation.