While theory is critical to research, nothing beats study-derived data when it comes to helping companies manage innovation more effectively. Our faculty and fellows share a passion for rigorous research that yields results they can apply to the workshops, instruments and curricula they develop. Here is a sampling of the current research CIMS faculty and fellows are engaged in on behalf of the organization and the Poole College of Management: What Do We Need To Know About Services Innovation? An overview of six key areas of research in the field of services innovation management and identifying the gaps of knowledge between each.  This project’s findings will lead to future CIMS funding in the field of Services Innovation.
  • Lynda Aiman-Smith – NC State University
  • Nancy Burchfield – IBM
  • Mark Davis – Bentley University
  • James Fitzimmons – University of Texas @ Austin
  • Tony O’Driscoll – Duke University
  • James Tien – University of Miami
Knowledge Worker Productivity Understand, capture and measure knowledge worker productivity within BP’s organization and provide a standard measure which will enable recommendations to be applied in the future.
  • Dr. Stephen K. Markham – NC State University
National Partnership for Managing Upstream Innovation: The Case of Nanoscience and Technology This recognizes and studies the health and growth of the national economy, and of individual companies within the economy, is critically dependent upon innovative conversion of new knowledge into commercially viable and internationally competitive products, processes and services.
  • Ira Weiss – NC State University
  • Angus Kingon – NC State University
  • Alden Bean – NC State University
  • Lynda Aiman-Smith – NC State University
  • Paul Mugge – NC State University
  • Susan Katz- NC State University
  • Alan Porter- Georgia Tech University
  • Mariann Jelinek – College of William & Mary
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