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College of Management at North Carolina State University

Learn to Manage Innovation and Propel Your Company's Growth.
By harnessing creativity to strategic execution, CIMS is awakening transformative innovation management solutions to accelerate business growth and develop commercially viable products and services. CIMS has been producing ground-breaking, industry-driven research since 1984. Tap into the realm of knowledge where innovation is taught, learned, practiced and measured.
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Building Company Focuses on Foundations of Innovation
By Michelle Grainger The companies CIMS works with are committed to innovation.
Exec Employs Innovation in Staffing Firm
By Michelle Grainger Lots of executives work in industries that have nothing to do with their college majors.
CIMS Team Explores Using Big Data for Open Innovation
By Michelle Grainger [caption id="attachment_4218" align="alignright" width="225"] Open Innovation Through Strategic Alliances[/caption] CIMS Executive Director Paul Mugge is among the co-authors of a chapter in a new book on using strategic alliances for more effective open innovation.