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College of Management at North Carolina State University

Learn to Manage Innovation and Propel Your Company's Growth.
By harnessing creativity to strategic execution, CIMS is awakening transformative innovation management solutions to accelerate business growth and develop commercially viable products and services. CIMS has been producing ground-breaking, industry-driven research since 1984. Tap into the realm of knowledge where innovation is taught, learned, practiced and measured.
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Painting by the Numbers: Coatings Industry Explores Big Data
By Paul MuggeYou know the expression for something that’s boring? The one that goes, “It’s like watching paint dry.
Sustaining an Innovation Culture at BASF North America – How CIMS Diagnost...
Firms that need a roadmap for building strong, enduring innovation capabilities will find the CIMS Innovation Management Maturity Assessment (IMMA) diagnostic tool invaluable, CIMS executive director Paul C.
Think Small and Innovate Like a Startup
The failure rate of new products after reaching the market has hovered around 40% since the 1970s, several studies agree.